It’s Official: New York Fracking Ban Made Final With Release of 43-Page Document

Nearly a year to the day after communities won the right to ban oil and gas development locally, a statewide ban on high-volume hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”) was made official with the release of a 43-page findings statement that outlines the specific parameters of the state’s ban.

The Department of Environmental Conservation today issued the document which said:

"Based on unavoidable adverse environmental impacts and uncertainty regarding the science surrounding high-volume hydraulic fracturing and its potential impacts to public health and the environment, the Department finds that the best course of actions is to select the No Action alternative. Selection of the No Action alternative means that … [fracking] will be prohibited in New York State."

Last month, in a comprehensive document known as the final Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS), the agency detailed the health and environmental impacts associated with fracking, in which gas drillers blast millions of gallons of water mixed with toxic chemicals into the ground to extract gas from hard-to-reach deposits deep in the earth, and concluded the practice is too dangerous to proceed in New York.

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