Drought now Californians' top concern, poll finds

Concern over California’s drought is “extremely high and intensifying,” as a majority of state residents now believe global warming has contributed to the crisis, according to polling data released this week.

As residents struggle to meet mandated cuts in urban water use and state agriculture braces for up to $2.2 billion in losses this year, voter concern over the drought has now eclipsed worry over jobs, the economy and eduction, according to researchers.

As a result, poll sponsors say Californians are now more open than ever to long-term changes in the way the state manages its water resources and say they would willingly pay “a few more dollars a month” to improve state water infrastructure.

“The public wants more to be done to address this issue,” said Lester Snow, executive director of the California Water Foundation. “They don’t think this is temporary. … They really see it as a long-term problem.”

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