Skip the Car Charger: Roads With a Jolt of Electricity Are Coming to the U.K.

Sure, ditching a gas guzzler in favor of an ultra-low-emission, electricity-powered vehicle is better for the environment. But what happens if you’re on a road trip, your electric car’s battery runs out of juice, and—horror—there’s no outlet around to plug in for a recharge?

Eliminating the possibility of that nightmare scenario is at the heart of an effort announced late last week by government officials across the pond. Highways England, the agency responsible for operating and maintaining major roads, said it plans to conduct an 18-month trial of highways that will wirelessly charge vehicles as they travel along them.

The effort comes on the heels of a successful feasibility study that looked at whether what Highways England calls a “dynamic wireless power transfer” system would be able to charge cars. The project is part of a five-year, $780-million effort by the government to spur the development of electric vehicle use in the U.K.

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