This Interactive Map Shows How Global Warming Is Changing Our World

With just seven days until the close of the Paris climate talks, the clock is ticking on negotiators tasked with drafting a plan to slow global warming. Scientists warn that if something drastic isn’t done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Earth could see a devastating transformation as a result, with water from melting ice caps flooding major cities around the world, for instance, or devastating crop losses.

But understanding climate change in all its complexities isn’t an easy task. So for those of us who aren’t familiar with biomass and ocean acidification, a newly released series of interactive maps is making it simple to learn more about the effects of global warming on our planet.

Created by Esri, a Redlands, California, company that develops geographic information technology systems, the “Atlas for a Changing Planet” allows users to visualize how weather and ecosystems function, the effect that human activity has on them, and which countries are doing the best and worst jobs at curbing climate change.

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