Green Business Program : FAQ

What is the Green Business Program process?

We perform an onsite environmental assessment to generate a list of ‘short-term’ and long-term sustainability actions for your company.

We will help you:

  • Save $ on water and energy bills
  • Save $ on waste hauling fees
  • Reduce exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Improve eco-purchasing policies
  • Lower transportation impacts
  • Receive recognition, awards...and have fun!

How long does the process take? 

The amount of time Sustainable Works spends with your business depends upon the size of your facility, the types of recommendations your company chooses to implement, and grant funding.

The greening process typically lasts 3 to 6 months.

Does it cost anything to participate in the Green Business Program? 

Based on your business location, you may be entitled to FREE consulting services subsidized by  grant funding. While costs for materials to implement environmental programs may require a monetary investment,  the amount will depend upon the recommendations your company chooses to implement.  Cost investments have the potential to be recouped through savings associated with lower utility, waste disposal and purchasing costs.

Sustainable Works currently offers a free service to commercial businesses located in Santa Monica. Visit the website or Green Business Program – Santa Monica.

Sustainable Works offers a free service to commercial businesses located in LA Council District 5 for a limited time in 2016. Contact us for more details.


Why participate in the Green Business Program?

  • By reducing water and energy use, and waste going to landfill, you cut operating expenses
  • The green economy is growing 10 TIMES faster than the general economy
  • 80% of consumers say they would pay UP TO 20% more for green products and services
  • Customers and clients value ecologically aware businesses
  • Get recognized with awards and certification


How do I become Green Certified?

Visit and follow the steps to achieve Santa Monica Green Business Certification program.