Green Business Program : Services

Event Greening Services
Sustainable Works Event Greening services guarantees a successful event by diverting as many materials as possible from landfill via Reduce, Reuse and Recycling practices. We provide education and assistance during your event to minimize contamination in resource recovery stations.

Sustainable Works has provided Zero Waste Event Recycling services since 2005 for Santa Monica Farmers Markets, Community Festivals, various Expos, and conferences such as Opportunity Green

Event Greening Services include:

  • Planning/ Assessment
  • Sustainable Works (SW) attends one onsite meeting to scope out event space and position resource recovery stations.
  • Consulting and providing resources as needed on reducing waste going to landfill.

Volunteer Education
SW instructs volunteers on how to identify acceptable materials for recycling and composting.

Volunteer Coordination / Training
SW coordinates and trains volunteers on their event day duties such as: handling materials, identifying & trouble shooting questionable materials at the resource recovery stations and, tips on guiding people at resource recovery stations.

Event Day Assistance
On the event day, SW assists with setting up of resource recovery stations, managing and coordinating collection and disposal of trash, recyclables and compostables and clean up.

Lunch and Learns for your business

The Lunch & Learn program gives your company access to our years of experience in the green business movement. In a 30-60 minute presentation, we educate employees by providing tools, resources, and behavioral actions during your staff lunch hour.  Fee for service applies.

Presentation topics includes tips and resources on:

  • Conserving WATER
  • Conserving ENERGY
  • Reducing, reusing and recycling WASTE 
  • Less toxic CHEMICAL alternatives
  • Alternative TRANSPORTATION solutions
  • PURCHASING eco-friendly supplies