Business Greening Program : Success Stories

Groundwork reduces Waste 75%
Sustainable Works connected Groundwork on Main Street with the local community gardens.  They've been added to emailed announcements for gardeners as a source for used coffee grounds (the majority of their waste).  A participant in the gardening program now picks up the stored grounds weekly for members to use for fertilizer.  This has reduced their ground waste by almost two-thirds!  The remaining grounds, food and paper waste generated by Groundwork is now composted through the City of Santa Monica's Food Waste program.

Santa Monica Pizza Kitchen reduces energy use 36%
Santa Monica Pizza Kitchen replaced their incandescent bulbs with fluorescent lights and made best use of natural sunlight by turning off some lights during day time. These simple changes reduced their energy bill by 36%. SMPK also encourages neighboring businesses to come on board with their waste diversion efforts by attending Sustainable Works' employee education workshops.

Locanda Del Lago reduces energy use by 33%
Sustainable Works put them in touch with a FREE SoCal Edison retrofit program that swapped their old light bulbs and ballasts with more efficient models. This was all done for free! They reduced their annual energy consumption by approximately 10,114 kWh. Locanda del Lago regularly purchases SM Farmer Market produce, dairy and meats, highlighting local farm and seasonal selections.

Byu-ti Salon reduces toxic chemical use by 85%
Byu-ti Salon made huge efforts to reduce their chemical usage. So much so that they were able to phase in 85% nontoxic/biodegradable cleaning chemicals with the goal of eliminating all toxic cleaning chemicals. To add to its sustainable practices, Byu-ti increased its Eco-Purchasing choices by purchasing Post Consumer Content (PCC), recycled office products.

Gorman and Miller reduced printing paper use by 50%
Gorman and Miller, a small litigation firm, achieved a 50% reduction in paper usage. The office has made double sided printing standard practice and has designated a printer to reuse single sided paper. They've also contacted vendors to request electronic ordering which greatly reduced faxes. This is a major waste reduction as paper was the source of about 80% of their waste.

Kreation Kafe reduces energy use by 40%
By remodeling restaurant with lighting retrofit and equipment upgrade consisting of replacing old water heater with tank-less model and replacing refrigerators 10+ years with Energy Efficient models, their monthly energy bill went down 40%. Saving $350 per month. Even more phenomenal is that business hours are longer and business has increased 4-5 times then with previous owner.