Community Sustainability Program

Our Community Sustainability Program facilitates the adoption of sustainable practices in the community and engages diverse stakeholders to meet sustainability goals. This program coordinates diverse, educational, interactive sustainability events, in partnership with the City of Santa Monica's Office of Sustainability and the Environment which are free, open and accessible to the Santa Monica community at large.

Some of the events we offer to the community are; the Annual Sustainable Santa Monica Student Poster Contest which engages youth in hands-on projects. We offer a quarterly Sustainable Film Series & panel discussion in partnership with the Aero Theater and an annual Sustainable Fashion Show. In addition, we work with other city entities to cross-promote environmental initiatives such as the Santa Monica Public Library's Green Prize for Sustainable Literature awards. In 2017 we reached out the community for a Connect to Protect photography event.

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For more information, please contact:

Gina Garcia
Co-Executive Director & Community Sustainability Program Director

Community Sustainability