Residential Greening Program: Leaders

Summer Bowen - Residential Six Week Green Living Workshop Leader


Cecile Ledru (LEED GA) - Residential Six Week Green Living Workshop Leader

Originally from France, Cecile has been living in Los Angeles since 2005. She has a background in wellness practices. A few years ago she decided to change careers and study sustainability, motivated by a sense of urgency and a deep appreciation and awe for life on earth and biodiversity. Determined to be part of a solution that would enable us to thrive as a society while lowering our impact on the environment, she realized that one big obstacle towards change is a general lack of awareness of what the issues are, how they directly affect us  – even though they sometimes seem to be far away from our daily lives – and what we can do about them. This brought her to participate in the Sustainable Works workshops, first as an attendee and now as a volunteer to help spread awareness and move towards a bright and sustainable future.
Cecile has a Certification in Recycling & Resource Management from Santa Monica College and is currently an undergraduate student at UCLA majoring in Geography/Environmental Studies. She is also a Citizen Arborist with TreePeople.


Maritza Lee - Spanish Green Living Workshop (Taller de Vida Verde) Leader

Since Maritza started Law School in Perú, she has been passionate about sustainability. During her professional experience she has seen firsthand the negative environmental impacts in the Peruvian Amazon. It made her realize the urgency of adopting a sustainable approach to development. Having relocated to the US, Maritza earned a Certificate in Global Sustainability from UCLA Extension, with concentration in sustainable businesses. Mariza was instrumental in the translation of the WorksBook into Spanish and she is currently teaching the Workshops offered by Sustainable Works to the Hispanic community. In the fall of 2014, she will begin the Masters in Urban Planning Program at UCLA. Maritza believes that education is key in the success of sustainability programs implemented by businesses, organizations and communities, and is looking forward to help them to achieve this success.