Student Greening Program: Professors' FAQ

How will a Student Sustainability Workshop benefit my students? 
During the Sustainability Workshop experience, students will learn about important environmental issues facing our community, learn about how their daily activities contribute to the issues and discover easy actions they can take to make a difference!

Other benefits to students include, improved:

  • Public speaking skills
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Leadership skills

Sustainability Workshop participation can be included in their future college transfer or job applications.

You will notice a difference in the students who go through our program. Teachers who have offered our program in the past say that students are more interactive and engaged in class and more comfortable and confident when speaking.

How will this program help me achieve my educational goals? 
Offering Sustainability Workshops is an effective and easy way to provide extra credit opportunities for your students without spending hours grading, arranging or over-viewing extra credit materials.

Sustainability enhances almost any educational curriculum. By offering extra credit to your students you are promoting environmental awareness and sustainability concepts and making a difference in the lives of our future leaders. Sustainable Works not only educates students on the issues, but provides hands on learning opportunities and recommendations on how to reduce our impact on the environment.

What is the time commitment for students? 
The time commitment for each student varies dependent upon their interest level, but the minimum commitment is as follows:

Workshop Member 

  • 1½ min meeting once a week for eight weeks
  • 3 hour one time required community service activity
  • Approximately 6 hours of reading and solution implementation

Workshop Leader 

  • 1½ hour meeting once a week for eight weeks
  • ½ hour each meeting to prepare and organize Workshop materials
  • 16 hours of leadership training

How much time will this take me? 
Being a faculty participant is easy. A Sustainable Works representative will provide you with all the information necessary to offer your students this extra credit opportunity. We facilitate registration and provide you with a list of students that have completed the requirements.

Will this be more work for me? 
No. Sustainable Works prides itself on providing a turn-key, hassle-free program. If you already offer extra credit opportunities then it could actually be a little less work for you

How will I know who completes the Sustainable works program? 
At the end of the semester Sustainable Works sends participating professors an alphabetized student list for each course in which they offer the program. Students on the list have met all program requirements and are eligible for extra credit.

What Professors are saying...

"Sustainable Works is an asset for any campus or instructor with the aspiration to go green. The students in my classes who are enrolled in the program are regularly making the connections between our course material and their lives. After their Sustainable Works meetings they come to class and office hours full of bright green ideas and the confidence that the changes they can make constitute a meaningful contribution toward a more sustainable future for us all."
Amber Katherine, Professor of Philosophy & Environmental Politics

"Students are always asking 'What can I do to improve the world, to make a difference in the world?' What Sustainable Works does is teach them how to make improvements in their own lives and become more efficient in the way they use resources while showing them that these solutions are going to save them a lot of money. So not only are they learning how to clean up the planet and make the world a better place but they are learning how to be more efficient in their use of fiscal resources as well and these are lessons that are really important if you want to survive in today's world. They're also able to implement what they are learning in the program within weeks and I think that's what college should be all about and what life should be all about!"
Bill Selby, Professor of Earth Sciences

"I have found that one of the benefits of the Sustainable Works Program is that it improves retention at the college. The students get to know each other in these small groups and they are studying something that is really important to them and it's not only changing their lives and teaching them to become sustainable in how they use resources but they actually stay in school because they enjoy the friends that they've made. For international students this can be even more valuable because they are not just learning about sustainability but they're also learning the language, learning to talk to each other and to listen, so they're literacy skills are improving. As an English Professor I recognize that giving students this opportunity to learn literacy while they are learning about ecological issues is a real benefit to them."
Dana Morgan, Professor of English