Student Greening Program: Students' FAQ

How do I sign up for a Workshop?
Go to You must attend the first Workshop meeting or you risk losing your spot.

Where do the Sustainability Workshops meet? 
All Workshops meet on the SMC main campus at either the SMC Center for Environmental and Urban Studies at 1744 Pearl Street or in a classroom on campus.  All students should come to the Center for Environmental and Urban Studies for the first meeting.

Do I attend the same meeting each week? 
Yes. The only time you would meet at a different time is if you are absent. You are allowed one absence but you must make the meeting up by attending another meeting during the same week, or by completing a special project. This will be explained in detail by your Workshop Leader in the beginning of the program. 

Can I come to my meetings a little late/leave a little early? 
As with most classes, you are expected to arrive on time and attend the entire meeting. If you arrive later than 15 minutes to your meeting, you will be marked absent and asked to leave. 

Can I get extra credit from more than one professor? 
Yes. On the online registration form, you can select up to three professors from the drop-lists. If more than three of your professors are offering extra credit, notify the Student Program Director at the end of the program of the additional professors. 

What if my professors don't offer extra credit? 
Join a Workshop anyway and ask them to consider offering extra credit!  You can still participate on a Workshop even if your professors don't offer extra credit. You can also email if you would like assistance in asking your professor to offer extra credit for Sustainability Workshop participation.

What students are saying...

"I would recommend this program to my friends because I think it makes a difference for more people to be educated so that hopefully the desire to live sustainably would spread through the community." 
– Los Angeles Valley College Student

"The program helped me to get new sustainable choices in my household and my personal life. I would recommend this program to a friend because every day we learned something new about sustainability and it was easy enough to implement into our lives."
– Los Angeles City College Student

"I think the program is a great eye opener as to how much our planet is affected by our actions. It is also great at informing us on the solutions to make changes in our life."
– Los Angeles Mission College Student

"This program helps bring environmental awareness with solutions. Our Workshop Leader was very motivating and enthusiastic about creating a better environment. [I learned] water is one of the most important resources we have and abuse but one of the easiest to help improve. I've improved my personal life by making changes in all the places out environment needs help. I would recommend this program to a friend because it is very informative and promotes positive change for a better world."
– Los Angeles Trade Technical College Student

"What I like about the workshop is that everyone is involved and they are all learning new things together. We all get to give our feedback and everyone can get excited about making changes."
– Los Angeles Valley College Student

"This program is good at increasing awareness and projecting the passion of the leaders by allowing the students to share their thoughts. I think people desperately need to know this information."
– Los Angeles City College Student

"The Worksbook has a lot of information that people need to be educated about. I think the most important part of it is giving us the tools and solutions we need to be sustainable"
– Santa Monica College Student

"The Worksbook is my new personal pamphlet to educate my family and friends on what I have learned. It definitely has a lot of useful info…" 
– Pierce College Student

"The Worksbook is VERY informative and leads to an active life of sustainability." 
 Los Angeles Mission College Student

"It gave a lot of information on how I (and everyone) can make significant adjustments." 
– East Los Angeles College Student