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Our Green Business Programs help cities create more sustainable business sectors – benefiting business owners and surrounding communities while enhancing the city profile.  Collaborating with city officials our turn-key programs provide everything a city needs from creating and operating their own Green Business Certification Programs to creating high profile city-wide Green Business Award Shows to highlight and shed light on highly successful and sustainable businesses.

Green Business Certification

To help businesses become green certified under the guidelines set forth by the California Green Business Network, we created an interactive consultation process that provides businesses with the tools and resources needed to save money, reduce waste and decrease the environmental impacts of their operations.
We offer step-by-step instruction and guidance to facilitate the transition and implementation of selected environmental measures and provide employee education and training to facilitate positive behavioral changes. Once businesses successfully implement a required threshold number sustainable business practices and policies, we help them achieve a Green Business Certification and awards of recognition,  We currently operate in the cities of Santa Monica and Culver City.

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Program Benefits

Benefits vary and accrue to all stakeholders including the City in which the business is domiciled, the community in which the business operates as well as the business itself.  
  • Save $ on water and energy bills

  • Save $ on waste hauling fees

  • Reduce exposure to toxic chemicals

  • Improve eco-purchasing policies

  • Lower transportation impacts

  • Receive recognition, awards…and have fun!

Green Business Certification Process

After we determine your eligibility, you will be assigned to one of our sustainability experts who will guide your business through the following steps:
  • Environmental assessment of your workplace;

  • Customized and targeted recommendations to meet the CAGBN green certification criteria;

  • Implementation guidance and follow-up;

  • Employee education;

  • Tracking and documenting your successes and measurable impact.

“Sustainable Works helped us implement a green business plan that allows us to not only act responsibly, but it serves to educate our customers and visitors as well. It’s a great program for the environment and our business!

– Kevin Hearst, The Digital Difference, Inc.

Keep the events coming. I always walk away with a better understanding of the topics and a path forward to help me make better decision to improve my life and its impact on the environment. Can’t wait for the next event.

Was really great, thank you for bringing awareness to this important topic. We need to vote with our wallet and make informed decisions as consumers given our politicians won’t.

More, these events are very inspirational and informative for us all to make positive changes in our lives.

I loved the film, and much appreciate the City’s efforts in bringing attention to matters as vital as our earth and all its living forms.

Keep the events coming. I always find new and important information and really enjoy the helpful action items to implement into my lifestyle. Thank you.

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