Sustainable Works Student Greening Program

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Our Student Program combines hands-on real-world experiences with topic-based group workshops to create an all-encompassing educational experience for students interested in sustainability.

Interactive Workshops

Workshops bring 15 – 25 students together once a week for 8 sessions to explore issues and solutions related to key sustainability-related topics including water, energy, waste/shopping, chemicals, transportation and food.  Guided by a Workshop Leader and readings from our Sustainable Worksbook, students learn about the local, regional, and global environmental impact of their daily choices and the solutions they can use to reduce their impact.  Topics are explored through a mixture of group discussions, interactive games and activities, presentations, show-and-tell items, and field-trips.

Real World Experiences

As a culminating experience all students have the opportunity to apply their new-found knowledge and participate in 3-hour community service projects with local non-profits and on-campus organizations.  Top performing students are invited back to participate in the program as one of our student leaders.

Leadership Opportunities

Sustainable Works has created a wonderful opportunity for students to help educate their peers about important environmental issues and solutions while enhancing their own leadership, public speaking and organizational skills.  Workshop Leadership is offered to all students who have successfully completed the program  and who are willing to accept the responsibilities that go along with the position.  For more information on Workshop Leadership, please check here.

Program Benefits

For Students:

  • Exposure to various possibilities for careers in the field of sustainability

  • Real world experiences to develop public speaking and leadership skills

  • Team leaders gain campus recognition

  • Enhanced resumes and transfer/scholarship applications with hands-on real world experiences and leadership opportunities

  • Opportunities to connect to the Sustainability community at-large both on- and off-campus

For Faculty and Administrators:

  • Enhance students’ overall college experience and promote retention and net promoter scores

  • Promote involvement in community service and other environmental programs, initiatives, and events already in existence at the college

  • Connect with other faculty, student groups, and administrators interested in promoting a culture of sustainability on campus

  • Provide international and ESL students with a unique opportunity to improve English speaking and writing skills

The most valuable thing from this program is that I was able to leave this Workshop with tons of tips and tricks to implement sustainability into my everyday life.
Student, Spring 2020
The entire Workshop was valuable and informative. At first, it was all about extra credit. However, I have learned valuable lessons.
Student, Fall 2020

Personally, the most valuable thing that I got from this program is that it made sustainability and conservation easier to apply. I was not completely aware of all the little ways that I could significantly impact the environment, but I now know several methods that I can make the environment better.

Student, Spring 2021
I think it really works as an eye opener. It really helps you learn about new things and what is wrong with how we live, but also what you can do to help. You are welcome and encouraged to make change, but never judged or made to feel bad for not being perfect.
Student, Fall 2020
The Workshops were extremely informative and collaborative. Definitely helped me find effective sustainable practices that were also affordable.
Student, Spring 2021
I think the interaction and the connection between like minded individuals was the most valuable thing about this program. It was a safe learning space for everyone to share their thoughts and questions without being judged.
Student, Fall 2020
It provided me with an entirely different perspective as to how I can be more sustainable and live a more sustainable life. I think it also did a good job at making me feel as though I could actually make a difference, whereas before it just all seemed so abstract, I didn’t think I could actually do it.
Student, Spring 2020

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Faculty Involvement and Program Success

With more than two decades of running the student program at SMC, it cannot be emphasized enough that the success of the program is significantly dependent on the partnerships we build with faculty members.  Because the Student Sustainability Workshops are extra-curricular and not offered for college credit, we rely heavily on sustainability-minded professors, who recognize the value of the program, to offer extra credit in their courses to students who participate in the Workshops.  The promise of extra credit greatly increases student participation and gives us the opportunity to reach a demographic of students who might not otherwise be drawn to the program.

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