Thank you for attending the Documentary Screening of The Engine Inside on September 6th!
We had a great panel discussion with four avid bicyclists and learned many ways that we and the bike can have a positive impact in our community. As always, our goal is to educate and follow that education up with action. Here are the action items we encourage you to take. Please make a commitment to do something and share it with us; Post on Sustainable Works Facebook Wall, Tweet with our handle @sustainablework, connect at #sustainablesm or send us an email

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Learn more about making Santa Monica a better place to live, walk, bike, work and play at Santa Monica Spoke.

Take Action

1. If you don’t ride a bike, start by taking short trips around your neighborhood.
2. If you sometimes ride a bike, increase the number of trips you take by bike.
3. If you are a committed bike rider, encourage friends, family, co-workers etc. to bike even if it’s one short trip a week.
4. Be a vocal supporter of cycling projects. The City and state need to continue to build out the infrastructure so there are enough safe routes that more people ride. Support 16E: Make Santa Monica’s Streets Safer by sending SM Council a message. CLICK HERE for more info.
5. Allow and encourage your kids to ride to school on a bike. Much of the congestion each day is by parents dropping kids off at school.
6. If you work in the entertainment industry, encourage those in charge to put actors on bikes instead of always in a car. Having them using a bike to get places will “normalize” the behavior.
7. If you have some power at work or in your community, make a point to be seen riding a bike. This gives social license to others that look up to you to do the same.
8. Be a courteous driver and watch out for cyclists.
9. If you don’t commute by bike because of the long distance, consider using an electric assist bike.

Photos by Kathleen Murphy